It’s Your Honeymoon — So Why Take The Same Tried-And-True Beach Vacation?

Couples who plan on tying the knot naturally start thinking about the honeymoon. It used to be that their first inclination would be to plan for a stay at a luxury hotel on a beach. But this is now a world where many couples have already traveled extensively, and they are beginning to search for something with a little more substance, and definitely something that fits their combined personality.

Here’s a thoughtful list to consider:

  • Cooking classes: Thanks to the Internet, getting comfortable in the kitchen has never been easier — and more popular. These days, honeymooners are feeding body and soul with cooking classes in destinations from Mexico to Thailand. Sessions often include market tours and tastings — and many incorporate wine.
  • Locavore: The concept of consuming within, say, 100 miles of your home sweet home, originated in restaurants. The idea is to source food, ingredients and experiences as close to the earth and local surroundings as possible. In addition to eateries, locavore is also a major trend at spas. Bonus: It is green living at its best.
  • Volunteer vacations: Tour operators are now offering packages that help honeymooners who want to give back in profound ways. The adventures can include monitoring dolphins, helping hatch leatherback turtles or planting trees in the Amazon.
  • Minimoons: With vacation time in the U.S. at a low (especially compared to European countries), these quickie getaways offer ample romance over a long weekend. Add a day on each side of a weekend and travel regionally to preserve prime vacation time.
  • Eco-tours: Whether it’s making a minimal impact on the surroundings, serving local fare in their restaurants or using solar power to run their electricity, eco-friendly resorts have proven that going green can still be totally luxurious. Modern couples love this approach, and seeding out “off-the-grid” resorts have a genuine, feel-good moments built in.
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  • Adventure-moons: With less emphasis on conventional fly-and-flop honeymoons, more and more couples are looking for a more adventurous and fulfilling way to start off married life. Couples start married life by ticking off bucket list items such as trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, exploring once-prohibited Cuba or riding a Harley across the USA.
  • Unusual destinations: Rather than picking conventional spots, some couples opt for less obvious alternatives. For example, Montenegro or Malta rather than the Amalfi coast. Finding new parts of old-favorite countries is a growing trend, and gets you off the beaten path.

In the end, no couple wants something run-of-the-mill for their honeymoon. So get off the beach and the lounge chair, think outside the box and make profound memories.

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