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With a little glittery gold, sparkly accessories and plenty of rich Autumn colors, this Northern California ranch wedding was the picture of rustic glamour and a showcase of how fabulous a Fall ranch wedding can be. But don’t let their impeccable style fool you, this beautiful couple is as down-to-earth as our ranch, as their story will reveal.
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Photos by Jaimi Lynn Photography 
Meeting through mutual friends on a party bus headed back home from a Tim McGraw concert, Lauren & Matthew’s first date was humble; Red Robin and a movie. Which, eventually, led to this sentimental proposal:
“It was perfect. We had just gotten back from a camping trip with both of our families. It was just us at home at 11pm at night. We were laying in bed talking about how wonderful it was that our families get along so well. Then he popped the question. I thought he was kidding so I said, “duh, of course I will.” He replied with, “I’m serious, the ring is on the nightstand.” He then got out of bed grabbed the ring off the night stand and got down on one knee and said a bunch of romantic sweet things that I cannot remember because I was in shock. I cried, he cried, I said of course! Then he went to sleep and I was up until dawn figuring out if I should call anyone at 11 o clock at night. It was perfect”
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Rustic Fall ranch wedding California
Photos by Jaimi Lynn Photography 
Q: What are the top 3 reasons you chose to have your wedding at Holman Ranch?
A: 1) “Everything was in one location 2) That view!!!! 3) The option to pick out our own vendors.”
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Photos by Jaimi Lynn Photography 
Q: If there is one thing about your wedding day that you know you’ll never forget, what would it be?
A: “Oh it’s so hard to pick just one or a few things. They say was seriously perfect. There is nothing I would change. I will never forget our ceremony. It was 100% us. Our officiant made it so personal and intamint.”
Ranch wedding site Northern California
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Photos by Jaimi Lynn Photography 
Q: Is there something you would do differently that you can share with other couples?
A: “Nope. There is not one thing I would do differently. The only advice I would give to other couples would be it is your day. You will not be able to make everyone happy so do the things that you want. If you want to do a first look but your mom doesn’t want you to, do it anyways. Make sure your weddibg shows the personality of the people that are getting married. And don’t sweat the small stuff on the day of. No one is going to know except you. And just enjoy the day. It goes by so fast.”
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Photos by Jaimi Lynn Photography 

Romance And History Abound At Holman Ranch

Romance and history abound at Holman Ranch, a vintage Carmel Valley property adorned with ancient oaks, hillside vineyards, olive groves, a stone hacienda and spectacular views from every vantage point.

Renowned as a hugely popular and stunningly beautiful wedding venue, Holman Ranch draws couples from far-flung corners of the world. Once married in Holman Ranch’s rustic yet sophisticated setting, couples invariably recite a long list of accolades. And when asked to name the top reasons for getting married at Holman Ranch, these three lead the way:

  1. The view.  Couples can easily spend a small fortune on wedding-day decor, from fabric to flowers, but nothing can top what Mother Nature provides naturally. Rarely do outdoor weddings offer the beauty and splendor provided by Holman Ranch, nestled in the shadows of the Santa Lucia Mountains. Offering breathtaking vistas from every angle, the ranch provides the ultimate backdrop to any wedding ceremony. After exchanging vows al fresco among the rolling hills dotted with oak trees, couples can sip estate-grown wines in the vineyards and indulge in all the historic ranch has to offer.
  2. Exclusivity. On the most important day of their lives, a bride and groom simply do not want to share the spotlight with anyone else, which is why Holman Ranch only hosts one event at a time. All the focus and attention is put where it belongs — on the happy couple and their guests. There will be no wedding “crashers” from other events on property because Holman Ranch belongs to that couple and that couple only. This exclusivity (weekend dates can book up a year in advance) has led to a resurgence in weekday weddings, where couples can save on the budget and easily secure vendors normally booked on weekends.
  3. Flexibility. At Holman Ranch, couples are allowed to bring in all their own licensed and insured vendors. This is very important to those couples who desperately want to create a personalized, a la carte experience — from the flowers, to the food, to the well-stocked bar. And when it comes to wine, Holman charges no corkage with a minimum wine purchase. So Holman Ranch’s award-winning lineup of wines is available to help please a wide variety of palates. Holman Ranch has also developed a reputation as a safe haven for same-sex couples, and specializes in interfaith ceremonies, off-season weddings and ceremonies of any size and scope.

In the end, Holman Ranch becomes the venue choice of couples from all walks of life because it provides beauty, exclusivity and flexibility. But there are countless other reasons. Find yours by visiting

Style Me Pretty Features Holman Ranch Wedding

We love it when our weddings are featured on great blogs like Style Me Pretty. Jenny and Ben’s Holman Ranch Wedding was shown in all its beauty thanks to photos by Paper Antler, along with some great words by the bride.

Jenny and Ben's Holman Ranch Wedding

Jenny explained that their wedding was really inspired by the Carmel Valley location of Holman Ranch. They chose their colors to reflect a misty morning by the sea. The relaxed, comfortable, friendly feel of the wedding was perfectly Carmel, too!

Ben and Jenny made Holman Ranch their own, and we love when couples use our venue as the basis for their dream wedding. For Jenny and Ben, the goal was to have a day that was a casual and fun celebration, and they did this magnificently.

From their pies to their signature drinks, Jenny and Ben’s wedding was their perfect day, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Jenny and Ben's Holman Ranch Wedding

If you want to plan your own perfect wedding day at Holman Ranch, or are inspired by Jenny and Ben’s comfortable and casual wedding, get in touch with us to see what we can do for you!

Holman Ranch Wedding Featured On Colin Cowie

We recently hosted the wedding of Andrew and Phil here at Holman Ranch. This week, the wedding was featured on Colin Cowie Weddings!

Andrew and Phil's Holman Ranch Wedding -- as featured on Colin Cowie Weddings

The couple, who had been together for eight years before their engagement, chose Holman Ranch as the perfect venue for their Eco Chic themed wedding. Phil and Andrew knew it was the ideal place to combine their love of modern style and all things natural.

This theme was carried throughout their decorations, too. They combined succulents, flowers, burlap, and Swarovski crystals for a great effect.

Andrew and Phil also made great use of many of Holman Ranch’s unique features. They kept their stunning cake hidden in a courtyard, inviting their guests in to see it when it was time to cut the cake.

If you’re inspired by Phil and Andrew’s eco chic wedding and want to find out how you can have your wedding here at Holman Ranch, get in touch today! Be sure to check out our wedding package choices, too, including our same sex union package.

Keeping Weddings Fun

More brides are opting for a fun, informal wedding that will keep their guests entertained. The results of the Real Weddings Study, the annual survey of brides across the country, showed that brides are shying away from formal weddings, and that they are spreading the fun over more than one day.


The survey is conducted by and and also showed that wedding budgets have continued to increase, with the national average topping $28,000. Most of the expense is going to making a bigger experience for the guests. The per guest spent is up nearly $10 since last year’s survey. This includes many different aspects of the wedding, though. It also reflects the trend toward having weddings that run the full weekend, complete with rehearsal dinner, after party, and morning after brunch. Of course, the main thing that remains at the center of wedding planning is having a great day. Making an event that is special for you and your guests is key to everything we do here at Holman Ranch. If you’re looking for the perfect location for your relaxed wedding, give us a call today!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Planning Summer Wedding

Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson said planning is well underway on his nuptials with Justin Mikita. The couple got engaged last September, and will be getting married this summer.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

Jesse told reporters that he’s been stressed by the wedding planning, but stopped short of calling himself a “groomzilla.” He also said that he’s been having fun getting everything in order for their laid back ceremony.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be a small affair. The guest list will be around 200 people, and both the Obamas and Beyonce have been given open invitations to the day.

The couple have decided to get married in a loft space in New York. They chose the location to show support of New York’s Marriage Equality Act, which will make their marriage legal.

The pair are working with a wedding planner to make their day special. If you’re looking for a venue for your California wedding, check out Holman Ranch. We offer the perfect location for a relaxed or traditional wedding, so get in touch.

Real Weddings: Danielle and Tyler

Danielle and Tyler, Photo by Jay C. Winter

One of our first weddings of 2013 was that of Danielle and Tyler. Their January 5 wedding at Holman Ranch had 160 guests and was a lovely day. We caught up with them to find out a bit more about them, and some of their memories of the happy day.

How did you meet?

Danielle: The first time I noticed Tyler was my fourth day of grad school in a Human Resources Development class at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. His red keyboard cover, scruffy beard and thoughtful responses were hard to ignore. It was not until weeks later that we were actually introduced. So began an intense chemistry and an amazing friendship. We were completely in tune and nearly inseparable. It was only a matter of time before we were able to evolve our friendship/professional relationship to include our intense love and adoration of each other. Tyler began his daily regimen of casually suggesting we marry, while I feigned sheepish resistance. He was diligent, and I finally yielded to the barrage of love.

How, when and where did you propose? Why there?

Tyler: The 2011 holiday season we had the good fortune of traveling to Egypt to spend quality time with Betsy & Brad Steer.  On Christmas day, I proposed to Danielle.

Danielle and Tyler, Photo by Jay C. Winter

Danielle: On our final day of touring while aboard the Abercrombie & Kent, a luxury cruise ship sailing the Nile, we were set up for a long day of touring magnificent temples, awe inspiring tombs, and mysterious relics.  The weeks leading up to Christmas had been filled with touring, golfing, shopping, pyramids, walking, touring, sun-bathing, shopping, and touring.  While on the Nile, not only were we surrounded by other tourists, but also the pushy vendors who follow you for blocks in an attempt to make a deal.  After visiting Queen Hetshepsut’s Temple (the Queen has always been Tyler’s favorite powerful ancient Egyptian Pharaoh), Tyler requested that we walk back to the car rather than taking the adorable tram provided to shuttle visitors from temple to the overwhelming shopping tunnel.

Wanting a little space, we walked back, letting the beauty of our surroundings soak in while we walked arm in arm, completely relaxed for the first time since breakfast.  As we neared the looming tunnel of expecting vendors, Tyler stopped me suddenly and (quite nervously) said, “Do you want you to ask me to
marry me…right here, right now?”

Fully aware of what he intended to say, I replied (equally excited and nervous), “Do you want me to you to ask?”  We looked at each other, laughed, I screamed “YES,” and Tyler proceed to pull out what he thought was his ring box.  It was my lip balm.  He quickly reached back in his pocket and pulled out the cutest little plastic box safe-guarding a shiny plastic ring and said, “Will you marry me?”

Danielle's ring

My proposal ring, costing a grand total of $3.95, was so perfect and meaningful that I will forever cherish and keep that ring to remind me of the man that knows me all too well, yet still holds to the tradition of chivalrous love. Of course we have new wedding bands….but that’s a whole different story.

What are the top 3 reasons why you chose to have your event at Holman Ranch?

Danielle: Holman Ranch was the first venue we toured after getting engaged and every other venue paled in comparison in so many ways, we couldn’t choose any where else!  The location was absolutely perfect in terms of the style of the ranch, the flow of the venue, and the beauty of the area.  It incorporated all of our criteria including the flexibility of the planning options, the packages we could purchase, and the vendors we could choose.

Danielle and Tyler, Photo by Jay C. Winter

What family, cultural or other traditions did you honor on your wedding day?

Danielle: Tyler and I tried to incorporate personal touches in every aspect of the wedding, even on some of the more traditional areas.  I wore a birdcage veil and my father walked me down the aisle, we wrote our own vows and family friends did our decor and flowers.  Our best friends from graduate school were the DJs and the officiant.  Our parents and wedding party gave the most amazing speeches and ended with all 160 attendees doing a Gangnam style flash mob.

If there is one thing you know you’ll never forget about your wedding day, what would it be?

Danielle: We will never forget how our day was made possible with the intense help of our friends and family. It was incredibly collaborative and as I mentioned before, we had family and friends involved in every aspect.  Having so many collaborators helped us make sure that it was a fun and memorable event for not only us, but also for all of our guests, friends and family. Everyone says “it’s your day,” but we felt it was an opportunity for all of our loved ones to celebrate our new life together.

Is there something you would do differently that you can share with other couples?

Danielle: Not one thing.  It even rained after the cocktail party, but we had been advised wisely by the Holman Ranch events team to tent the Rose Patio for dinner and the rain drove all our guests (comfortably) into the barn for dancing.  No one even noticed the rain!  It was perfect!

Where will/did you go for your honeymoon?

Danielle: Tyler and I will be heading to my home state of Alaska this summer to enjoy the amazing and beautiful outdoors that it has to offer and hoping to bring back some delicious fresh caught salmon!


If you’re planning your own wedding, get in touch today to find out why Holman Ranch is right for you.


On Bended Knee — Will You Marry Me Proposal Package

Holman Ranch is an ideal place for weddings, but it’s also perfect for proposals. Holman Ranch is full of romance and history. It is rustic and sophisticated, secluded and special.  This makes it the ultimate alternative to the clichéd proposal.


We know that a proposal is a special moment for a couple, and that’s why we’ve introduced customized packages specifically for proposals.

It’s one of the most nerve-racking moments in a man’s life: the proposal. You’ve been thinking about it forever, and she’s likely been dreaming of it, too. Instead of getting caught up in all the planning, grab the ring (and your girl) and let Holman Ranch provide the romantic proposal setting of her dreams.

Holman Ranch has some of the most stunning vistas and perfect locations to pop the question. You only need to provide that special person and the ring. Picture yourself surrounded by rustic splendor when you bend down on one knee and pop the question. She can’t help but to say “yes”! Then, toast to the future with a bottle of Holman Ranch estate wine and remember that the best is yet to come!

Work with our onsite coordinator to set up the perfect event, starting with a proposal package that is guaranteed to make the event memorable and romantic. For more information, get in touch today!

We can help arrange:

  • A romantic horseback ride through the vineyard
  • A breathtaking helicopter tour from the Carmel Valley Airport to Holman Ranch.
  • A picnic in the vineyard with a barrel tasting or even a catered dinner for two in our Hacienda.

Package and pricing based on availability. Package includes a photographer to capture this special moment in the start of your lives together, etched wine glasses and a bottle of wine to celebrate. Additionally, you will receive discounts on your wedding site rental when you propose at Holman Ranch.

We are also offering you the chance to win one of our On Bended Knee — Will You Marry Me proposal packages. Just tell us in 100 words or less why you deserve a free proposal package! All submissions are confidential, and should be submitted to  All entries must be submitted in writing by February 25 and the winner will be announced February 28!

A special Texas-themed wedding with help from Holman Ranch

We’re delighted to announce this week that a wedding at Robertson House that we were a part of is featured on the California Weddings Blog Style Me Pretty
this week.weddings-at-holman-ranch6

It was the lovely Texas-inspired wedding which involved, in the bride’s words, “Texas Stars on all self-designed printed materials and endless burlap, twine and mason jars.”

The reception tables were named after Texas slang words like, “Y’all, Kinfolk, Fixin’ To, Howdy, Holler, Getchasome, etc” while table names were made from reclaimed barn wood frames off of Etsy.

The bride works in the wine industry and asked guests to sign a cork with their name on one side and one word of advice on the other. All of the corks are now displayed in the couple’s home.

To create your perfect bespoke wedding day call us here at the Holman Ranch in Carmel.

Holman Ranch Hands Brides $500 Wedding Gift

Brides-to-be searching for the perfect venue for their Big Day will have an additional $500 to spend on their dress if they decide to marry here at the exquisite Holman Ranch on a Sunday in June 2013… but only if they book in January 2013!

Book for our special bridal promotion
Book for our special bridal promotion

Our historic ranch, nestling prettily in the hills of the rolling Carmel Valley, is already a popular venue for weddings in California and beyond thanks to its stunning and remote location. But the bonus of a $500 reduction on the location rental fee is expected to boost our prestige among brides even further.


The offer is for a Carpe Diem package – perfect for a one day event such as a wedding or a birthday party.

For further information on this special offer, or to check out other promotions at the Holman Ranch near Carmel please click here.